End of a Millennium

by Sketchy Sounds

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A short song about Celestia's apprehension and hope following Luna's transformation to normal.


Finally the moment's
Come and here we stand
And all the words have gone
Along with all the plans
And though the hands
Are surely moving on the clock
For us, this moment
Time itself has stopped

Our early-morning eyes
Still feel a little sore
Emotions bubbling over
From long years before
I can feel
The cold stonework through my shoes
There must be someting to be said
Will you refuse?

The sunlight filters in
there's a lump inside my throat
As words I've longed to say
Take flight on wings of hope
A sobbing whimper fills the air
And takes away
The last fear that lingered there

In still pictures
My tears begin to run
A thousand years of loneliness
Now to an end have come
Someone clutches me
in more than words can tell
says how she missed me
Did I miss her as well?
And I say yes...

The final chapter closes on this tale
of bitterness, resentment and where we both did fail
The winds of change start blowing
And with them we shall ride
Towards a brighter future
For all of pony kind


released June 12, 2013
Guitar, voice, mastering: Sketchy Sounds
Cover art: James Corck ( askmovieslate.tumblr.com )




Sketchy Sounds UK

Brony musician, guitarist and occasional techno/electronic dabbler.

You guys asked for somewhere to download my stuff, so here it is! 8D

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