A Song of Two Sisters

by Sketchy Sounds

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Here it is at long last -- and just in time to mark hitting 1000 followers on Twitter. Thanks!

This here is a collaboration between myself and the lovely Feather: A Song of Two Sisters. It tells the tale of Luna and Celestia's separation and ultimate reunion.


Come walk with me
as the sun goes to bed
On this shore
as the clouds fade to red
Hear my song of two ponies:
my sister and me

I brought the day,
she in turn brought the night
For all I knew,
everything was alright
But then that day came when I
lost my one best friend...

As day turned to evening,
the sun left the sky.
With darkness in her heart,
she raised the moon to life.

She could not see reason, swore
upon the world an everlasting night.
For her and our people,
I had to do the only thing...

That was right.

She was gone,
but the world just moved on;
looked to me to raise
both moon and sun.
Time made her name just a memory
To everyone but me

Years went by,
but my heart remained strong.
Clung to hope
though it seemed so forlorn.
Then came the night when the stars
aided in her escape...

She came back with fury;
the Nightmare rose again.
Swore vengeance upon me,
vowed the world would see a night without an end

Yet, six fearless ponies
rose up to bring the terror to an end.
United in friendship,
they stood as one...

And the sun rose again.

On that day, my
little sister came home.
I wept aloud for
I no longer was alone.
I heard her voice say so sweetly,
"Big sister, please don't cry".

So won't you come,
as the moon rises high?
Share my song,
raise your voice to the sky.
Laugh and dance and be glad,
for the day will dawn anew...

And the sun will shine on you!


released May 31, 2013
Guitars, lyrics, mastering: Sketchy Sounds
Vocals: Feather
Cover art: onlyAgamer (inks), Nedemai (colours)




Sketchy Sounds UK

Brony musician, guitarist and occasional techno/electronic dabbler.

You guys asked for somewhere to download my stuff, so here it is! 8D

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