Shipping and return policies for Sketchy Sounds

Shipping Info
For stuff that I might send out, assuming I have some merch available here some time, it'll usually be sent by the most cost-effective means. So, generally speaking that's gonna mean standard shipping to wherever you are, which means it'll take a varying amount of time depending where in the world you happen to be. Most likely I'd be using Royal Mail standard shipping, so if you hit up their site you can find out how long they'll take to send something.
Return Policy
If for whatever reason you need to return something you got from me (like for example it got damaged in transit, or it's not as awesome as you hoped, or whatever), you've got a month (28 days) to do so. Please send me a note to tell me you're doing that so I know to expect it.
I'm afraid you'll have to take care of return shipping charges yourself, I am but a starving artist :<